Trig Social Network

Trig Social Media AB runs, a media platform designed as an innovativ global social communications solution.

Our goal is to deliver to our users a service where they can:

  • Communicate seamless across borders in the language of their choice
  • Where users with similar interests can exchange ideas and information
  • Where news and information can be provided freely and without bias
  • Where entertainment can be received from there country of origin
  • Where this content is available free where ever the user is located
  • Where for free the user can receive cash refunds as they shop online by using our cash refund application Trig Money


We have a primary interest in protecting the data of our users and in this way we will always maintain:

  • That the data and images belong to our users
  • We will never use this information for marketing purposes
  • We will never license or sell this data to any advertiser
  • We will organize the transfer of information over the Internet in a manner that we can to keep the information secure from the prying eyes of government’s
  • We will protect the purity of children and minimise the potential of them being exposed to grooming and or unseemly images of any kind