Trig Money

Trig Social Media develops, manages and operates an international social media platform under the brand Coupled to the platform is a partly patent pending income generator with trade name Trig Money™. TrigMoney has been developed by Trig Social Media´s main owner Trig Media Group AB. All connected IP- and other rights included in the business concept have been transferred to Trig Social Media. The ultimate goal with the platform is to create a forum that through various interesting content products attract members and tempt them to regular use. The income sources are twofold. Firstly in the usual form of various advertisement fees and secondly in the form of the TrigMoney cash back scanner that creates a cash back as soon as a member makes a purchase in any Internet shop with which TrigMoney has an agreement. Already today more than 1 000shops are connected in 16 different countries.

Trig Money™ Explained

When you connect to a search engine like for example Google and search for a specific product you can see a Trig Money™ symbol on all search results that are connected to Trig Money ™. When you draw the mouse over the search result having a Trig Money™ symbol a sign will drop down on upper right side of the screen setting out the actual cash back that is connected to this store. The same applies as soon as you link to any Internet shop that is connected to Trig Money™.

Besides from promoting Trig Money™ through the Company also has a strategy to market so called “White Label “ solutions of Trig Money™ to various organisations with large customer data bases such as sport organisations and the like.

The social community engaged in comprises more than 3 million members. The member base serves as a “fishing pond” where you through various efforts can prompt existing and new members to download the Trig Money™ plug in into their various media platforms. The large member base also serves as an incentive for interesting Internet shops to connect to the Trig Money™ concept.