TRIG SOCIAL MEDIA AB (TRIG, publ) (ISIN SE0006027546 | WKN A116BG | Symbol TRIG) – Annual General Meeting 2015

Nacka Strand 2017-02-13

On the Annual General Meeting for 2015 the shareholders resolved on the following matters:

Item 1: Anthony Norman was elected as chairman for the meeting

Item 2: The voting parties were tallied and the list was approved.

Item 3: The agenda was approved

Item 4: Ove Ahlstrand was elected to sign the minutes of the general meeting

Item 5: The meeting was found to have been called in accordance to the statues of the company

Item 6: The group accounts were presented by Per-Åke Bergstrand, the company’s auditor.

Item 7:

a) The group accounts and balance sheet were approved.

b) The dispositions were approved as proposed.

c) The directors and CEO were given dismissal of responsibility for the fiscal year of 2015.

Item 8: It was decided to leave the number of board members and auditors without further change.

Item 9: It was decided that the directors shall not receive a remuneration or the year of 2015 and that the auditor shall be paid by the hour.

Item 10: Dominic Berger and Philip Reid have declined reelection. Joao de Saldanha was reelected and the shareholders elected Matt Connelly, Wayne Lochner and Alberto Cuellar as new directors.

Item 11: The proposal was approved

Item 12: The meeting resolved to change the name of the company to Stockholm IT Ventures, or minor deviations thereof

Item 13: The proposal was approved

Item 14: The shareholders resolved to increase the minimum number of shares in the company to 365 000 000 and the maximum number of shares to 1 460 000 000.

Item 15: The meeting was adjourned until 17:30 CET on Friday February 10 2017.

The meeting resumed on Friday 1730 and final audit adjustments were approved.

On the following constitutional board meeting the directors resolved to appoint Matt Connelly as chairman. Matt’s background is in online marketing and software development and he will be spearheading marketing & development activities as well as improving the shareholder communication and interaction.

We thank Dominic Berger and Philip Reid for their service and look forward to a new operational team constituting of representatives of the newly acquired subsidiaries including the growing IT portfolio.

“The new board is very representative and strong for our strategy going forward” said Anthony Norman, CEO. He added- “We feel very good about the new boards ability to add value in all areas of business we are operating in now and will be in the near future.”

Trig Social Media AB will be releasing more specific news as it comes in the coming days and weeks about its activities.

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