Nacka Strand, March 16th 2016: Trig is delighted to report that Trig Media Group, Trig Social Media’s mother company, has acquired 100% of Webstamp World Wide AB. In connection to this transaction, Trig Social Media has signed an exclusive worldwide Webstamp reseller contract with its mother company. The base of the contract is a revenue share and operational management agreement.

Webstamp’s core product is a virtual stamp (webstamp) carrying a logo of one’s favourite charity or club.  It is the synthesis of all recent IT trends and aims to expose one’s personal identity and values through an active support of a particular organization. The webstamp itself is attached to one’s e-mails and other electronic documents and carries links to messages attached to the stamp’s profile. The model is based on revenue share with the charities and organisations promoted. The main product and operational organization are currently being finalised. However, previous trials have beenvery successful.

This deal is another step forward on the way to create a new sustainable Trig. It increases the value of our offering within social media and gives us another innovating product that appeals to both users and business clients.

Adhoc announcement according to article 15 WpHG

Nacka Strand, 07 March 2016: Trig social media AB is delighted to announce acquisition of 50.5% of and its holding company Fusion Finance with an option to acquire the remaining 49.5% toward the end of the year. The transaction will be completed with 9 million Trig Social Media shares to be issued shortly. The price for the remaining 49.5% is performance based.

Social-commerce is a gamified gig economy platform with an affiliate component that is about to launch within the next two weeks. What makes it unique is the mix of freebies, products and services connected with a social element. The expectation is that this platform should start generating revenue within two to four months after going live.

This acquisition is an exciting opportunity for both our product users and for shareholders. It creates a unique strategic opportunity of utilising our existing social media expertise and connecting it to social commerce.

This acquisition also marks the first major change based on our new operational strategy aiming to make the company cashflow neutral within the next twelve months. More changes are on the way and shortly will be communicated shortly. As a part of this, the board is also looking at redefining operational structure including outsourcing and licensing out some of the existing products on a revenue share basis in order to reduce running costs and speed up marketing.