Trig Social Media AB (publ.) is pleased to announce the initial release of its updated application Trig Money.

Trig Money gives the consumers a cash refund on the services and products that they buy on-line. The service is launched in close cooperation with 118100 Ahaaa AB and hundreds of on-line merchants already signed up at today’s launch.

The roll out of this updated version of Trig Money will initially be launched for the users in Sweden and then progressively roll out throughout the user base and the countries of operation. The service is unique in that the user/consumer does not need to change their buying behavior, as they are able to search for offers via search engines, banners or by entering a web address directly into the browser.

Whilst the full version of the Trig Money application is complete, we are awaiting filing of various patent applications for a number of unique components, before the complete version can be released and launched.

This application, together with the many enhancements to the Social Media Platform further takes Trig
towards its path to being a global player in the Social media space.